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Vision: To be THE representative of all employers in Namibia

Mission: A catalyst for socio-economic growth and sustainable employment

Slogan: The voice of employers in service of employers

NEF Secretary General, Mr. Tim Parkhouse with the outgoing President, Adv. Vekuii Rukoro

NEF Secretary General, Mr. Tim Parkhouse with the outgoing President, Adv. Vekuii Rukoro


The NEF is committed to providing a variety of quality services to its members and the public. NEF members receive these services free of charge or at a discounted rate.


Representation at government level
The NEF advocates on Public Policy and endeavors to influences the laws and regulations with respect to labour relations and in the interest of the Namibian economy.
The NEF has established efficient channels of communication with the Namibian government, acting as a social partner through the tripartite system.

Professional Human Resources / Industrial Relations Advice

The NEF offers an HR and IR Advisory Service. Services include:

Templates of contracts of employment and many other Labour Related documentation (nominal fee for NEF members).
Over the phone answers to simple HR matters (free for NEF members).
Within 48 hours advice to more complex manpower-related matters (free for NEF members).


The NEF offers various training courses in the areas of Labour and Occupational Safety & Health. See a full list here.

Occupational Safety and Health Advice

See more about our services and training.

Labour Law Committee

The NEF has a Labour Law Committee consisting of 10 Labour Experts.

This committee reviews Labour Legislation on a regular basis and advises NEF members accordingly.
The committee reviews and prepares position papers on Labour Legislation on behalf of the NEF.
Members of this committee are available to NEF members for direct consultation and assistance for more complex labour matters or where representation at Conciliation or Arbitration might be required. (Rates are to be negotiated between the two parties uninfluenced by the NEF).
The committee provides guidance with conciliation & arbitration hearings.
The committee provides assistance with disciplinary hearings.

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